Numerous types of drywalls flood the market. However, one misconception of many is they are all the same. Each type of drywall is best used in a certain area of the home. Since each type has its strength and weakness, it is up to you to use it. It is best to use a drywall type on its specific strength so that you can gain further benefits from what it offers.   

So, what are some types of drywall?   

1. Regular  

This drywall is often called White Board. It is called a whiteboard because it has one side of hire plain surface and a brown one on its opposite side. This type is the most economical of all types. It ranges in numerous sizes, which best fits flexibility no creativity that every homeowner desires. The liberty to secure the size that best fits your space is the edge of this drywall type.   

2. Green Board  

Just as the name suggests, this drywall type is green and is a very good material for spaces that are prone to moisture issues. It has a water-resistant surface that can be used in kitchens as well as utility areas.   

Since it has a special ability to resist moisture, it is more challenging in price. Unlike its other types that are more affordable, this drywall may be challenging to purchase for some. You can also make use of this drywall in your laundry area.   

3. Blue Board  

Blue board is known for its excellent resistance to mold growth. It is sometimes called plasterboard and is great at absorption. Unlike other drywall types, this board is not made from tape, paint, or mud. It can be your go-to material when looking for something that suits the moisture a bathroom gives off.   

4. Paperless  

This is the replacement for the once-famous paper drywall. Instead of paper, the drywall is made from fiberglass and provides excellent protection in the gypsum board, which is the main component of drywall boards. Since it is made of fiberglass, it is also well established from mold growth and mildew and keeps your walls tougher than usual.   

5. Purple  

This drywall type is also a great shield against the chances of getting mold growth or mildew issues. It is known to be superior in its moisture as well as mold resisting capability. If you are looking for an affordable and easy-to-find material to install somewhere water comes through, you can rely on this drywall type.   

6. Soundproof  

This drywall type is an upgraded drywall version that combines various good materials underneath. Its main goal is to block sound and is an excellent material for rooms that you want to keep sound out. So if you are looking for a material that can help make your productivity space out of nee, this is the drywall type for you.   

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